Five things I learned in Uzbekistan

The photo used in the header was taken by me in Uzbekistan (more precisely, Tashkent), where I was at the time, but where I no longer am because I’m back in London.

Five things I learned:

1) holidays are often too short

2) young Englishmen with big Jesus-beards and artistically arranged keffiyehs – the sort who like to think of themselves as travellers rather than tourists – are excruciating

3) you cannot have too many different beautiful blue majolica tile patterns on a mosque, or a madrassa, or a mausoleum. It simply isn’t possible to go over the top, although it seems many have tried

4) the Kalyan minaret in Bukhara was used as a lighthouse to guide caravans through the desert. The light could be seen two days away

5) You can get around Tashkent on the air-conditioned, marble-platformed tube system for about 20p for a single.

I learned other things as well but my brain has yet to process a lot of it, so this will have to do for now.


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