Ripsnorters, romps, rollicking good reads

woman reading

Page-turners, and all that.

1) The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas. Very popular with convicts in the Gulag in Russia; it lead to prisoners’ corpses being stabbed before burial in case anyone was attempting a homage.

2) The Pendragon Legend, Antal Szerb. Contains one of the funniest kidnapping scenes known to man.

3)The Secret History, Donna Tartt. One of my all-time favourite books, which is odd, because for some reason I have an aversion to living authors.

4) Papillon,  Henri Charriere. This could also go on a Books About Escaping Prison list alongside The Count of Monte Cristo.

5-6) The Moonstone/ The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins. Mystery ripsnorters.

7) The Great Game, Peter Hopkirk. A real rollicking history of the British and Russian manoeuvres in Central Asia.

8) Can’t believe I forgot about this for so long: The Bruce Trilogy by Nigel Tranter. A perfect historical ripsnorter.

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