The End of Days

After a splendid Christmas, I am returning to the normal world in an even more apocalyptic frame of mind than usual. I am an unapologetic fan of Christmas in all its tinselly sparkly silly-games naffness. Those of a Scroogular bent, who mutter darkly about consumerism and outdated religious celebrations and so forth miss out on the … Continue reading


Tuition fees

I’m now on to my second big political disappointment in five years. The first was with the radical left. The second is with the unradical centre. Back in 2005 I went up to Scotland for the Gleneagles demonstrations and came back invoking plagues on both their houses. I saw the police deliberately provoking protestors, kettling, hiding … Continue reading


Reading: slow and difficult

A lot of stuff has been written about slow reading lately, and more generally lamenting the loss of concentration the modern world has apparently inflicted upon our fractured brains. My supervisor at Bath Spa University, Greg Garrard, has written about his decision to shorten the reading lists on his courses to allow his students a … Continue reading